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Top Tips, Trick and Tools – Featuring Leah Remillet

Luxe Workshop Speakers Feature

The Wednesday features continue! And I didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so this week you get to her from me, Leah Remillet of Leah Remillet Photography and G4Pro Photos and fellow speaker, for The Luxe Workshop.

top tricks
3. The hand trick…put your hand in front of you and turn 360 degrees watching the light hit your hand – when it illuminates, you’ve found where to place your subjects face!

2. When in doubt, you tube it! I learned Photoshop, coding (on a super small level) and even some posing all on You Tube!

1.If you are having trouble trying to get children to look at the lens, pop on a Princess or Super Hero Pez candy dispenser (it needs to be  trimmed down a bit to fit) into your shoe mount and I promise you the children will gaze directly into the lens, smiles and all.

top tips

3. Don’t blame the client – blame yourself. When we turn the blame on ourselves we look for solutions and that insures that we don’t have the same episode happen twice!

2. In Person Sales…if you want to double your income, do in person sales. I read that on a forum in 2008. Doubling doesn’t even scratch the surface for what that advice did for me!

1. When having a bad day, I leave my office early and indulge in Downtown Abby along with dark chocolate. 


top tools

3.  Animoto Pro helps me make amazing slideshows for my clients viewing appointment in a matter of minutes!

2. 50mm is my go to lens! I love it because of the tack sharp images I can create shadowed with creamy bokeh

1. Outsource, I can’t stress this enough. You can not do everything and be everything in your business, well you can but I promise you the end result usually ends in pure exhaustion. I promise if you do the tasks that you are efficient at and best suited for and outsource the others, your business will run so much smoother and there will be a harmony in your business and your life that you never new could exist.



I hope you enjoyed reading all the insightful tips that were sprinkled with a bit of fun, it has been a blast getting to hear from all the Luxe speakers

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