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Last week I decided to take a very unplanned and unexpected week off – it was exactly what I needed! The truth was, my heart and head wasn’t in my work… It was at my new house that I desperately wanted to turn into our home. 

You see, for the last 6 weeks we have been…we shall say, displaced. We packed up, said goodbye to the Christmas tree farm and were supposed to have a 2 week window before we closed on the new house in Seattle. But, as heaven (or hell) would have it, we ended up having delay after delay….four extra weeks of delays in fact. There was a whole lot more that went very wrong but I’ll spare you the sob story. Suffice it to say, there have a been a lot, a lot, a lot of tears shed over the last few months. 

And last Monday I just decided I was done so I told my amazing assistant to man the emails and only tell me if I absolutely had to respond and I went to work to unpack my home. So often I have this false idea that I have to do something or that  I have to be there. Most of the time we are self-made enforcers of rules that aren’t based on practicality as much as they are based on emotion. 

After a week away from the office, I came back in today realizing that things are often not as urgent as I feel they are. That the world will keep spinning if I ignore email for a few hours and that more than anything I need to use my hours for productivity and not inflate hours for a sense of worth. 

With that thought in mind I decided to set my new summer hours for 7am to noon Monday through Thursday so that I’ll have plenty of time with the kids. It’s making me more excited for next week already!  

Sometimes all we can do to weather the storms of life is to keep trying, be believing and be happy! Isn’t that truly the point of it all? The truth is, discouragement never helps and things always do work out for our good in the end. I not only believe that, I know it. 

Here’s to an amazing summer for you and for me! 

"Keep Trying. Be Believing. Be Happy. Dont Get Discouraged. Everything will work out" Monday Motivation from Go4ProPhotos.comSource: This adorable quote can be purchased on Etsy by TessaShaeffer



  1. love this. you deserve another week off after writing a blog! 😉

  2. good for you!!! you only lead one life, now go live it!

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