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Building a Luxe Senior Photography Brand with Amanda Holloway

I am so excited to share with you, my interview with you  Amanda Holloway! We are talking all about how she built a high-end Senior brand and business and she’s giving us a tour of her amazing studio! You do NOT want to miss this one!

But first, if you’ll indulge me, I’ll tell you the story of how we met. We were at WPPI – actually, Kelli France and I were walking through the trade show floor and saw Amanda speaking for ProDPI. We’d never met, but through mutual friends found out we both wanted to be introduced to one another (hmm, this is sounding weirdly like an engagement story!).  Kelli and I stopped to listen to Amanda speak and all of a sudden she looks up, spots us and stops her whole presentation and says, “Hi Leah! Hi Kelli!” It was everything I could do not to shout, ‘Amanda Holloway just said hi to me!” Well, after she finished her presentation the three of us went to lunch to get properly acquainted. That lunch turned into a big ol’ cry fest but we’ll tell you about that in the video!

In this episode, guest Amanda Holloway shares on:

  • How she built her luxe senior photography brand.
  • How she’s identified and attracted her dream senior clients.
  • Styling clients to get that look (Plus the FREE What to Wear guide is below!!!)
  • Amanda gives us a tour of her AMAZING STUDIO!!

It’s going to be an awesome Video Friday!

Header2Amanda Holloway and Leah Remillet What to Wear Guide Free Download



  1. Morgan Mathews says:

    I have missed these awesome interviews! I love this one with Amanda. I was lucky enough to go to an editorial shoot with her and it is amazing to watch her work. Seriously so awesome. And I loved being able to see her awesome personalty in this video. Great work ladies!

  2. Kym Boswell says:

    Leah and Amanda? Together?? Talk about a dynamic duo!!! Great video, and insight into the amazing AH!!!

    • I may just read this comment whenever I’m feeling low! 🙂 But enough about me feeling awesome, isn’t SHE amazing! I just love Amanda and it is so fun getting to show off her talents on the blog! We will hopefully have AH again soon!

  3. Jodi says:

    Yay!!! So wonderful to see Amanda’s amazing work highlighted!! I remember being on CM and Amanda was first taking that leap of faith into doing just seniors and it’s so incredible to see how far she’s come! It totally gives me goosebumps…and gets me motivated to start doing more instead of wishing for more.

    • It’s especially amazing when you’ve watched someones journey unfold, isn’t it?! It sounds like it’s your turn Jodi… And I for one, am excited to hear about your own transformation! You can do this, I know this because you already know the magic formula… Stop wish & Start Doing!

  4. Tiffanie Raye says:


    I am so glad to see your face in my inbox!! Video Friday is something I always look forward to! Thanks for this video, it fits right into my marketing section in The Thriving Photographer that I am listening to now!

    • Thank YOU Tiffany! That feels amazing to hear! We are working to get Video Friday back again! 🙂 It will be every other week for the next few and then once the kids are back in school, I’ll get to recording again, knowing you look forward to them truly gives me the push I need to make it happen!

  5. Beth says:

    Hey Leah-
    Awesome video interview! I signed up for the senior style freebie and when I click the link I got a website review instead?

  6. Carly says:

    OH WOW!!!! Amanda Holloway you are my inspiration! I want you to photograph ME – so I can play in your closet ! lol

  7. Fabulous interview!! Thanks for arranging this!

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