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Styling Product Photography with Shay Cochrane

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What was it that drew me into photography in the first place? If I try really hard to find the truth, I think ultimately it was the dream of making their life…my own. Images have the power to bring us to a different place, a different world even, if for a moment we get to be part of it. 

When I first fell in love with photography that was my true reason why. I looked inside other peoples images and I imagined I was there. There in that moment, it was my snapshot of life that was happening. I wanted to create those snapshots and ultimately in the bigger picture, I wanted to use photography to make them my reality. 

Photography has the power to bring the viewer into someone else’s moment. 

But what if we considered that thought from a business perspective? ‘… the power we bring to the viewer…’ 

Where do you want to bring your viewer? 

I want to bring them into my world. I want them to see themselves behind my camera, I want them to imagine their family…smiling, laughing, being and seeing it unfold on my blog. I want to convey the beauty of what I can create for them. Why they want canvases and image boxes – no – Why they need them. That is where I want to bring my viewer. 

The first step is of course through my portfolio, my blog, my imagery but it should not be the last. To make the experience more poignant it must not and can not stop there. And that is where beautiful styled photography can fill the gap. 

Today I have the amazing Shay Cochrane with me to share some secrets on styling product & brand photography. It’s a great one! We also have an amazing freebie for you at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!! 


Links you’ll want: 

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Shay’s Special Freebie! 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Shay for creating this exclusive Freebie just for readers! I know you’re going to enjoy it! Just drop in your name and email and we will send your free stock image and how to’s right over! 

Shay Cochrane Photography Freebie



  1. Marcelle says:

    I’ve always loved Shay’s work and it was amazing to listen to her!! Don’t know why I hadn’t thought about using styled images to enhance my brand before. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!!

  2. Thank you for this! It truly was inspiring, my mind can’t stop spinning thinking of the potential of what’s to come. Wowsers, here I go, thank you!

  3. Nicole says:

    Hi! I had summited my name to receive the Secrets To Styling and Free Stock Image and never received it. Has this offer expired?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Char Simon says:

    First, Leah, THANK YOU for asking the question about consistency in the photos! I was so relieved when you asked Shay that question. Second, thank you Shay for having a fantastic answer!

    I have a technical question you ladies may be able to easily answer; please forgive me because I’m so ignorant on technical photography how tos. I can’t always shoot my products in prime daylight and I’m a total amateur. I’ve set up a photo room with artificial lighting; is there an easy way to get a white background to come out white and not grey? Is it a white balance adjustment? Should I use a light box under my products for flat shots? Some shots seem to turn out grey, some blue.

    Thank you for any help and I’ve become a huge fan of you both overnight!

    • Hi Char! I’m so glad you enjoyed this interview. I would suggest doing a custom white balance against the what table top/board that you’re using. You will still need to make some adjustments but that’s my own personal best tip. Good Luck!

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