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Welcome Packets that Inspire – Part 2


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 It’s amazing to see someone transform. So often when you become aware of a name it’s because they’ve already made it. But nobody starts at “made-it”. We all start somewhere much smaller, where the biggest thing we have going for us is the dream we’re holding onto. That was Lyndene only a couple years ago when she first came to me for mentoring and began her journey as a Thriving Photographer™.

It’s so inspiring to see her beautiful brand, website and welcome packets today. When you hold on to big dreams and refuse to let go, eventually the dream starts to pick you up until you realize you’re flying. 

I am super excited to showcase the fabulous welcome packet of Lydene Robertson, a Thriving boudoir photographer from Portland, OR. 
Wouldn’t you just love getting this in the mail? You just can’t help but feel like hiring Lyndene was a great idea after receiving this! 




Inside Lydene’s Welcome Packet:

– Welcome letter
– Business Card
– Investment Guide
– Welcome Magazine that includes grooming tips, what to wear inspiration, the importance of great accessories, what to expect the day of their session (hair and makeup, posing, etc) and how to prepare for their session.
– Share the Love referral info card
– Behind the Scene’s video so they can see firsthand what their boudoir session will be like 🙂 
The welcome packet is then finished off with a sticker and tied with a ribbon and 3×3 card.


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