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Room For Everyone

Once upon a time there was a business owner who claimed that obsessing over competition was a waste of time. She would tell anyone who would listen, “Stop focusing on what they are doing. It will only bring you misery.”

She said:
Don’t check your competitors blogs/sites to “compare”
If you can’t be happy for them, don’t follow them on Social Media
Stop trying to out do them and start trying to out do yourself.

Time went on and she started teaching other photographers how to run their businesses, then the day came when a photographer in her own town wanted to learn all the inside secrets behind her business success. This was her moment to decide, was there that much room? Was she that confidence in herself, in the markplace or in what she thought she believed?

She decided she was. She opened up the curtain and shared all her secrets. She continued to share, not just with this photographer but others as well. In the end she has about a dozen photographers that were her direct competition implementing the business model she’d developed and it turns out…

There was room for all of them.

Monday Motivation from "I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it"

Source: SweetSouthernCharm



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