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Making ‘Clean’ Part of Your Routine with Clean Mama

I’ll be the first to admit it…I am not naturally tidy! But I do love having a clean house.

This is sort of the equivalent of fire and ice. The fire kicks in and the house gets cleaned, but inevitably the ice returns, and there’s a puddle on the floor that needs mopping. That’s why I am so excited to have Becky of Clean Mama as today’s guest! I don’t know how it happens…it can be spotless when I go to bed, and by the time I get the kids off to school, it looks like a tornado barreled through. It’s funny how some seem to be born with (or grew into) the clean gene (you know the type) and some of us…well, we just didn’t.

But what about those of us who have the desire but not the inclination. We want clean and tidy but seem to create chaos and mess. Now because I love the appearance of clean, I can make it look really clean and good. If company is coming, it’s going to look perfect…just don’t step into the laundry room (which you probably won’t cause you’re not going to be able to get the door open), and don’t – under any circumstance – open the coat closet.

But here’s, the thing… somehow I feel like I’m a fraud with my secret compartments of madness. I want to walk into every room and not get discouraged when I flip on the light. That’s why I am so excited to have Becky of Clean Mama as my BossBabe Guest today.

Clean Mama herself is sharing simple and easy to implement tips on how to keep your house ready for surprise guests…and coming into Christmas week, we could all use that!

Wasn’t that a fantastic interview? I am so grateful for our many different talents! What’s easy for one (cleaning for Becky) can be a huge pain point for others (oh. hello, that’s totally me!), and yet we can all come together… Learn from each other and grow!

As promised, Becky has shared one of her amazing worksheets with us – you can get the free printable below! The Weekly Cleaning Worksheet (plus access to y entire resource library) comes from her Everyday Cleaning Planner that you can purchase here.

Spoiler Alert!!!  I am so proud of and inspired by my friend, Becky, who is about to debut her own Clean Mama cleaning line!  I can’t wait to check it out!  Make sure you’re on her list and following, so you can see all her new items.  And seriously…for all my Girl Boss Babes, she is one entrepreneur you want to make sure you are watching!



  1. idie says:

    I am with you– cleaning doesn’t come naturally to me! I can think of 1000 things I’d rather be doing. I am excited about this checklist. Thanks, Becky!

  2. Kat Ferraro says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Becky’s and have followed her program for over 2 years! What a difference it has made in my life (and my husband is extremely grateful too!). It has made my house so manageable and I am not afraid for people to come by! It is a REAL program to help REAL people and keeps me on track! Thank you Becky, and thank you Leah for sharing her!

  3. This was so much fun Leah! Thank you for taking the time to interview me AND for putting together such a wonderful post!
    xo, Becky

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