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Office Trends – Black Accent Wall

I’m completely inspired by black paint right now! We have been working on our cabin renovation and I decided to buy 1 can of ebony ink to accent behind our wood stove fireplace.


Well, I loved it so much, I started wondering what else I could use my paint brush on and with 2/3 of the can left, my eye fell on the kitchen. I’m hoping to share that project soon, but for now – all this black paint excitement got me thinking about offices with black wall accents.

I found a few favorites to inspire you. I’m especially loving this first office with the butcher block desk. It looks to me like it’s made from the Ikea Alex Drawer unit (I have it in my own office) and Ikea’s Butcher Block Countertop (we just put this in our kitchen at the cabin) love the idea of using it for a desk. Brilliant!

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