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What Your Client is Really Buying

What your clients & customers are really buying from you - this shift will increase referrals, that wow factor, & trust all at the same time. | Leah Remillet

Here’s the truth.  Every client (you, me, and everyone we’ve ever worked with) is really buying one thing.

And spoiler alert, it’s not the awesome service or products you’re offering. It’s more than that. Once you realize what this ‘IT’ is, your ability to speak to prospects, hook them, and then give them what they truly want (but won’t verbalize) will elevate forever!

Do you see what I just did there?

I told you the problem: You are probably missing the big ‘IT’ that your clients actually wants from you.

And the result if you knew what they wanted: More clients who are even happier with you.

Now you’re still reading this, so that means you want to know more. Do you know why? May I answer with a question first? I promise to give you the answer too!

So what is it that you want (what we all want!) including your clients?

Have you guessed it?

We want change. We want TRANSFORMATION!


Transformation is what people really buy. There is some pain point or problem, and they want to fix (read: change) their current situation.

Let me share two personal examples to show you what I mean.

EX 1: I bought a new chandelier for the cabin on Etsy this week. I bought it because I love the idea of how a fabulous light will transform the kitchen, especially because the current light is old and outdated. Plus, I’m getting ready to share the before and afters with all of you, so I really want it to be great.

Do you see what I  bought? A kitchen that I feel more confident about and more excited to show off.

The transformation: A more impressive Kitchen Reveal (I hope!)!

EX 2: I’m walking through the aisles of the grocery store, and I spy the Double Stuf Mint Oreos. Then I notice that there is a family size pack. Normally, I buy the smaller bag and hide them so no one can find them, but the kids are older now and have figures out my schemes, so I decide to buy the family size. This all happens in a matter of seconds, but I didn’t just buy the bigger bag of Oreos…What I honestly bought was happier kids who are going to be so excited when I share my Oreos with them.

The transformation: a happier home


Now think about what you offer and start digging into what the transformation (or change) is that your prospects are really after. How can you better speak to that deeper want and hook them as the only solution?

When you look deeply into the WHY behind your clients desire to work with you, you’ll start to see and understand the transformation that they are actually after.

Once you know this, you will be able to answer their WHY and give them the TRANSFORMATION they truly want with all of your future interactions.

Would you like to build out your clients why & transformation and know exactly what steps to put in place to attract more dream clients? Let’s chat! Schedule a Strategy Session with me, and we’ll define, develop, with and build an execution plan to show prospects that you’re the right choice for them.

I hope you found this strategy concept helpful!! If you’d like to see a training specifically on building a transformation journey for your clients, leave a comment below and let me know!

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How to sell what your customer really wants > for creative entreprenuers | Leah Remillet












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