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The Cabin: DIY Cement Tile Wood Stove Reveal

I’ve been so excited to show you this reveal & share my collaboration with Oh Sweet Skye who helped bring my vision for the Henry Ford quote to life! (More on the sign later.)

Let’s start with a before and after!

Sorry the before is so bad with the green tape and my paint sample at the bottom, it turns out I couldn’t find a single other photo from before the project.

I went through several ideas on what to do with our fireplace, well at least the tile part. I knew right away that I wanted to get rid of the blue accent wall (already gone in the before) and then paint behind the stove black. I ended up loving the black so much that I painted the kitchen wall black too.

We laid the wood tile all the way up to the framed blue tile around the stove, but that’s where we stopped. Honestly, it just felt too daunting to figure out how to get the stove out so we could bust up the old tile to lay the wood-tile. So, we left it and I figured I could do something to freshen up that little area later.

My original idea was to “paint” the tile with cement, but then I got completely inspired by the cement tile I discovered while searching for the concrete kind of cement on Pinterest. So, I decided to try a whole different approach.

I ordered this stencil, but then when I started painting I remembered how bad I am at details and being careful. So after two attempts, I wiped my fresh black stenciled paint off and went back to the drawing board.

Or in this case, Pinterest (the DIY-ers Google). I ended up drawing out squares following Emily’s tutorial over on  Jones Design Co. but the design still didn’t look complete so I cut down the stencil I’d bought to just the center and used that for the middle of my squares.

First, I tried painting the cut down stencil right on to the tile (because I didn’t fully learn my lesson the first time). So my first two attempts were the worst because of bleeding. After that, I started tracing the design of the stencil with a permanent marker and then I handpainted them in.

I knew we wouldn’t want to be hauling in the wood for every fire, so I was super excited when I found this steel firewood holder on Etsy! And I’m obsessed with my Firewood Leather Bag from Old Fisher Basket – it’s even more beautiful in real life. I actually had to talk myself into putting the kindling inside it.

Oh, how I love details! If you want to wow me, just pay attention to the details! So, of course, I went searching for really cute matches! I found them at Studio Portmanteau which is another Etsy shop and oh goodness, I am obsessed. I thought I loved her shop just browsing on Etsy, but getting my package in the mail made me love it even more! The matches are even better in real life, and her gorgeous packaging made it feel like Christmas!


Now on to the sign! I saw this quote by Henry Ford and instantly wanted it in the cabin! Isn’t it the perfect Fireplace art addition?! Plus, I loved the message. The only problem, I couldn’t find anything that had ever been created with the quote. So I reached out to Whitney over at Oh Sweet Skye to see if she’d want to design it and create it for her shop! Fortunately, she loved the idea just as much as I did!

Isn’t it perfect! I love it so much and the best part, it’s in her shop now! So you can snag it too!


Stencil – Cutting Edge Stencils, but I cut it down and only used the center.
Leather Fire Log Tote by Old Fisher Basket
Steel & Walnut Firewood Holder by McLemay
4″ Match Bottle and Wanderlust Match Box by Studio Portmanteau
Chop your Own Wood Sign by Oh Sweet Skye

I think that’s it – if you’d like me to put a tutorial together for painting the fireplace tile, leave a comment and let me know!




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