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The Simple Morning Routine of Oprah & Tony Robbins

Who doesn’t want to get more done and feel more productive every day? But where does productivity begin?

I recently came across an old journal from 2012. I cracked it open and my eyes landed on this entry, “I’ve made $30,000 in the last 2 weeks!! And it’s all because of ONE change. Having a morning routine!”

So, obviously, I’m a BIG believer in the power of morning routines!

My current personal routine goes as follows: wake, pray, scriptures, 30 minutes exercise or yoga, 2-minute Power Stance with a mantra, jump in the shower and then slay the day.

My morning routine is my sacred time (#momlife)! Over the years,it’s gotten longer. Today it’s about 90 minutes. But I get that you may not have that. Mine used to be 20, I just kept adding increments of 10 minutes as I got better at waking up earlier.

Let’s say you only have 10 minutes… Today I’m sharing the quick morning routines of two of the most influential people on planet Earth; Oprah, and Tony Robbins!

Oprah’s simple 3 step morning routine keeps her present and aware of her blessings. 

  1. Gratitude: First thing when Oprah wakes up, before her eyes have even opened, she says thank you. Oprah explained that she allows herself to feel it and just lets gratitude flow through her.
  2. Starts Moving: Next, she lets out the dogs, brushes her teeth (did anyone else assume Oprah’s breath would be minty fresh even when she first wakes up?)
  3. Spiritual. Oprah takes a few minutes for silence and or prayer.

What she doesn’t do: She does *not* allow any electronics first thing, and she encourages us to do the same. The cell phone stays put.

The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins and it's only 10 minutes!!

Tony Robbins morning routine is only 10 minutes! I don’t think any of us can say we can’t find time for that. 

  1. Breathing. Turning on instrumental meditative music, Tony starts with 30 Kapalabhati Pranayama breaths. (Here’s a tutorial you can follow)
  2. Gratitude. Tony, thinks of three things he’s grateful for with one being small, like the sunshine on my face.
  3. Spiritual: Three minutes to pray, asking for strength and seeking God’s blessings for his family.
  4. Breakfast. Tony Robbins keeps breakfast simple, an example would be something like fish and salad. He told Tim Ferris his reasoning was, “because I just know it’s fuel.”
  5. One Minute Cold Plunge at 57 degrees Fahrenheit. (Wait, you don’t have a custom pool? 😉 You can set the shower to cold and get under that waterfall for 60 seconds of invigoration).



Ready to improve your life? Here’s Your Challenge! 

Create your personal Morning Routine and put it to the test for the next 5 days. That’s it! Just try it for 5 straight days and see how you feel. If you miss a day – no problem! Just start over.

The first step is the easiest! It’s deciding to make a change. It’s the second step – keeping with that change that proves to be the challenge. But don’t let the word challenge scare you.

Challenges are the stuff that change is made of… And change is the fuel that will get you to the life you dream of.

The fast and easy morning routines of Oprah and Tony Robbins! Oprah's is only 3 steps!




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