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Starting a Morning Routine (and why it’s a mom must!)

The worst feeling is when you wake up and you’re already behind.

Ask any mom who perpetually wakes up to the call of her name from the lips of little ones (while tugging on her arm, hair – or my personal favorite, as they try to open your eyelids for you). We will all tell you that it just doesn’t feel like we’re going to slay the day when we wake up already needing to jump into someone else’s to-do list for us – even when it’s for our own kids.

If that wasn’t reason enough to start your own morning routine, how about the fact that the uber-successful are wildly individual in their own right with not much in common (besides their wealth) but here’s one thing that is wildly popular among the ultra-successful.

If Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Tim Ferris all have them and believe in them – I’d say that’s a pretty good indication to take notice.

So today, let’s jump into morning routines. I’ll share what’s in mine, the key elements to a power-house routine, and how to ease your way into your own.




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