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Why I created The CEO Kid

When I made the decision to keep homeschooling after we got back from traveling abroad, I knew I wanted to teach the kids about business as part of our curriculum. I also knew it had to be fun, and it had to be relevant to them, so I decided to let them each start a business and use their own business as the vehicle for teaching principles of success.

Over the last year and a half, I had had a new project bubbling inside of me. Just like Thrive’s conception, again this was personal and heart-driven. Thrive was born because I needed my own business to work, and once it did, I felt compelled to share how I’d done it with others.

This project means even more to me because it stems from the deepest love and conviction that I am… A mother.

What I want more than anything as a mother is to know that they are safe, that they are taken care of, and that they are happy. But I want all of that to be because of their own capable hands.

So, last year as we started the 2017 school year, I began teaching my kids foundations of success by teaching them to build their own businesses. Adi started a babysitting biz, Ella her Etsy shop, and Paysen a drone photography business.

It’s been an amazing experience. My heart has been so full as I’ve watched their confidence, and competence grow. And that brings me full circle from where I was 7 years ago, to today – filled with the same deep desire to share this labor of love, and a prayer that it will bless your family as it has mine.


And just so we can all have a good chuckle… Here is a screen capture from one of The CEO Kid video trainings with my very, um, expressive and enthusiastic facial expressions.


The CEO Kid is my way to teach our kids foundational success principles in a fun, upbeat way that fosters confidence as they create their very own little business. But even further than that, I want to help you arm your little people with an understanding of how the successful get successful and how to do it a way that always honors their values, integrity, and compassion for others. Whether they are an employee in their first job or building their own little business, understanding how business owners think gives an advantage that our kids need today.

COME SEE WHAT THE CEO KID IS ALL ABOUT! (I think you’re going to love it!)



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