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Friday Five

Here’s a roundup of my recent favorites… From what I’m reading to what I’m thinking and what I’ve been up to. Hopefully, it will inspire your own quest for something new!

1. What I’m Reading

The two books that I’ve been most fascinated and inspired by recently were Atomic Habits by James Clear and Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuk

If you need a good kick in the pants to get you motivated and back on the success path, grab Crushing It.
If you’re looking to change the way you think, act, and a way to level up your results, you need Atomic Habits.










2. What I’m Excited About

Last week my girl’s and I had a Besties Girl’s Weekend with my friend Heather (@savvyhomeschooler) and her girls. We had so much fun! We did charcoal masks and ate chocolate fondue while we watched Hairspray and we also fit in a Target run, hanging out at the mall, and going out to lunch. Oh, and the girl’s made macarons (and I ate them!). It was a great weekend. And where were our boys you might ask? They were having their own guy’s Superbowl weekend up at our cabin.


3. What I’m Learning

Can I just say how much I love being exposed to new things? We as adults need so much more of this in our lives – I call it novelty and I’ve come to believe it’s an essential part of vibrancy and passion. Whether it be live or online or books or whatever – it’s an obsession. So, last Friday’s date night was so much fun! We went to a one-night marriage workshop with a ton of our friends. It’s organized by Jumping Turtle and we seriously laughed our heads off. One of the speakers is one of our kid’s all-time faves (hi, Hank Smith) and Meg Johnson is so insanely inspiring and positively hilarious – and of course, we all love John Bytheway. After the conference, we all went for dessert after. It was seriously such a fun night!


4. My (Current) Favorite Thing

Have you tried Grove? I had seen it – gosh – a long time but I didn’t really pay attention until recently, and ummm, it’s awesome! You get a free cleaning kit for your first order and the scents are a-freaking-mazing! I actually get excited to wipe things down and the other night Taylor told me I smelled good and it was the hand soap. Ha!

I loved it so much that I surprised my sister and got her one and then I told all my girlfriends they had to get it too. Cleaning supplies have never been this exciting – even my kids have gotten into it! Our favorite scents are basil and rosemary so far – if you have a scent I have to try, leave a comment and let me know!

>> Grab your FREE Cleaning Kit Here.


5. What I’m Pinning

Lots and lots of Home Design. We’re trying to decide if we want to build or renovate. So many friends are saying don’t build that it was a total nightmare. On the other side, we loved renovating the cabin and all the creativity it offered… except for that part of, you know – doing everything yourself. Don’t get me wrong, we learned a TON but we also put in a lot of hours and accumulated our fair share of blisters. Any thoughts? I should mention that our visions for building are drastically different, I’m all about aesthetics and that details matter and he’s… well, not!


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