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12 Things I want my Daughters to know…

Being a mom is no joke!

We get it right sometimes and we’re painfully aware on the occasions when we don’t. Now that I’m into the teen years with my girls – I’m more and more aware of two things. First: I’m running out of time. And second: I’ve heald on to a lot of my crap since I was a teen – so you know, no pressure to help them get it right.

A few weeks ago I share on Instagram the lessons that I’m trying to teach my daughters… I thought it would be fun to share them here too.

1. You are powerful and you will make a difference but your greatest treasures will be at home.


2. Talents don’t just come in obvious form, like being athletic or musical – the best gifts are traits like kindness, courage, awareness, and compassion.

3. Don’t wait for someone else to rescue you, you are strong and it feels really good when you rescue yourself.


4. Courage is standing for what you know to be right – especially when you have to stand there alone.


5. Fear is an emotional response, and it’s usually not fact-based. On the other side of fear, real-life magic is waiting.


6. To inspire is the act of lifting others to be their best selves, impressing is the act of showing others what they lack – only strive to inspire.


7. Humility is beautiful but it does not mean you need to self-deprecate, rather that you remember where your gifts truly come from.


8. In your darkest moments when you can’t stand another second – fall to your knees and pray. He is always with you.


9. Aptitude is not the key – it’s attitude first, followed by no-stopping-me action – that’s when you can do anything.


10. Don’t gossip. Gossip breaks trust, it’s a weak person’s way to make themselves feel better, and it will never serve you.


11. Treat everyone you meet like they’re going through something, chances are – you will be right.



12. You will have more influence by being genuinely interested in others than by trying to get them interested in you.


And of course, the very last thing that I want my girls to know… You are unconditionally loved… by me, by your dad, and by your Heavenly Father… always and forever!


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