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Getting you in the Mood… For Spring Cleaning

Something happens to me after the holiday and I get this itch to just start organizing and cleaning. Maybe it’s all the extras in the way of decorations that have been in the house, maybe it’s pulling out those organization tubs once more? Maybe it’s getting excited to shed some layers thanks to warmer days (which I will mention, are not here yet!) I’m not sure what it is – but somehow I’m getting eager to Marie Kondo the heck out of this place… And my car… And anything else I can get my hands on.

To help us all get in the Spring Cleaning Mood, I’ve got three things that will inspire you! No really!

1. Marie Kondo of Course!

Have you watched Marie Kondo on Netflix yet? If you haven’t it’s time to brew some peppermint tea, snuggle up and watch an episode or two. Just wait – you’re going to catch it… What you might ask? The JOY of tidying up, especially those closets. After the first episode, I was like – ‘oh, we are definitely starting with the girl’s closets!’


2. Get a FREE Mrs. Meyers 5-Piece Kit from Grove

I shared this in one of my Friday Fives and I’m still talking about it! …Because it’s awesome and who doesn’t love free gifts that motivate you to be cleaner? And since that’s what we’re talking about today – I have to share it again.

So the Grove Free Kit is yours with a $20 purchase. In your Free Kit, you get to pick your favorite scent for Mrs. Myers Hand Soap, All-Purpose Spray and Dish Soap (may I suggest Basil or Rosemary?). Then you also get these walnut sponges which I’m not obsessed with + this cute little cleaning caddy and then a FRee VIP Membership for 60 days. After your free kit, if you’re not loving it you can cancel. Trying to figure out what to spend your $20 on for the Free Kit? May I suggest the Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser & Brush Set as one of your goodies? Search it on their site, it’s what I got my sister and me after seeing it on my friend Evelyn’s sink.

And full disclaimer – if you use my link I’ll get $10 toward my next order, which since I’m currently obsessed would be awesome! Cause I’ve got my eye on more of the walnut scrubber accessories. 🙂

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3. Reset the Room

Can I just admit that this is new for us! We are not naturally tidy people… at all. We make huge messes and then we’re so worn out that we just leave it for later. Only it just gets worse when you wait! My nemesis is those bowls that are left in the sink and then their contents are now solidified like cement.

And my kids… they crack me up because they are always trying to say when they cleaned the kitchen last. “I cleaned the kitchen yesterday!” As if this makes it obvious they shouldn’t have to clean it again. Each time I explain the same thing… We are all home – all day – most days (we homeschool up here in the mountains) – that’s three meals a day which means the kitchen needs to be cleaned at least three times a day (they are also constantly baking something, playing chopped, or making snacks). That means we’re all taking turns on the kitchen once every 1.5 days, or less. So yes, there’s a good chance you’re cleaning the kitchen again. 😉

Anyway, in Atomic Habits (which I loved BTW), there was one idea that I knew I was immediately taking with me – ‘Resetting the Room’. The idea is that before you leave the room, you reset it! So if you were watching a show you fold the blanket, put the pillows back, place the remote in its spot and put any dishes into the dishwasher.

If you were cooking then you clean as you go and then after the meal you reset the kitchen to how it looked before you started. Don’t you love that? He even went so far as to say he cleans the toilet before jumping into the shower because, well when you think about it – that’s really the best time.


How did I do? Are you getting more excited? If not, go order your free box of Grove and then watch one episode of Marie Kondo and get back to me in the morning. 😉




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