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Friday Five

Here’s a roundup of my recent favorites… From what I’m reading to what I’m thinking and what I’ve been up to. Hopefully, it will inspire your own quest for something new!

1. What I’m Reading:
I’m on a business trip this week so I’ve had lots of extra reading (aka listening time)

This week I finished a few books but a couple that stands out are ‘Lies Jane Austin Told Me’ by Julie Wright  (a proper romance that my 14-year-old loved and recommended – and it was pretty cute!)

And, Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis (which I loved more than her first)


2. What I’m Excited About

I’m alone for a week! I’m in Salt Lake City and then Park City for this week and from Monday to Friday afternoon, I’m all alone. This is every mom’s dream come true and I do NOT take it lightly! I got to do a morning segment for KUTV News on Tuesday and I’ve spent the rest of the week working on my biz, eating, coaching, eating, watching chick flicks, eating, shopping, eating… You get it.


3. My Current Scary Thing

Ummm… My palms were sweating so bad and confession, I was wiping them on their chair. Then I realized there was a camera pointed right at me and wondered how many people had done the same thing before me? Gross! This week The CEO Kid made its debut TV appearance (and so did I).

Oh my gosh, the amount of nerves and planning and practicing and outfits I tried on – all for those two minutes. It’s embarrassing! But I learned so much and am so grateful to see other people excited about The CEO Kid.

4. My (Current) Favorite Thing

The night before said TV appearance I was wanting some comfort food bad! I was so nervous (mostly about parking and how I’d get everything in the station, but the whole being live thing too!). I was driving up to my hotel and decided I’d drive past and see if I could find somewhere to get a fun treat. I was thinking it was a lost cause and about to turn around when I spotted something called Dough Co.

You guys! It’s a cookie dough shop! Are you kidding me?!! Edible cookie dough. It was a tender little mercy and it seriously made my night. I think the people working thought I was crazy with how much excitement I exuded for their little establishment, but they were really sweet about it!

5. What I’m Pinning

My Pinterest Boards are currently being filled with ideas for our new house and our kitchen remodel.

But this one especially made me laugh. So true!! (find it here)



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