Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizer for Creative Entrepreneur

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizer

Free Desktop Wallpaper Organizers for Creative Entrepreneur + Quick tutorial video for how to clean up and organize your desktop in 10 minutes!

I’ve put together all of our monthly desktop organizers and brought them into one free download! Pick your favorite wallpaper, set it as your desktop wallpaper, and then watch our quick video tutorial to get the most of this free tool!

I use to create these every month, I can’t quite remember why I stopped? I guess because there were so many floating around on my blog. This week I was searching for a new one to give my own desktop a little refresh and as I was looking through the whole collection of them just sitting on my computer, the idea sparked! Why not bundle them together and give you full access?!

I have used these for almost 5 years now! How is that even possible? And they are still the best way I’ve found to keep my desktop organized and clean so I’m ready for success every day when I sit down to my computer to work from home. I hope you love them as much as I have!

I’ve got a video tutorial below to help you get the most out of my desktop organizers! ­čśŐ




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