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4 Ways to Build Your Email List

Just think about this… Your readers probably don’t check your blog every single day, but it’s almost a guarantee that they check their email every day. Being allowed into someone’s email box is a huge compliment. It means they trust you and care about what you have to say! HURRAY YOU!

Now think about the next time you want to run a promotion… How much easier is it going to be to fill your schedule or make that sale when you can start by reaching out to your email subscribers first and then follow up with blog posts and social media! Your email subscribers already know you, and they’ve bought it because they gave you their email address. So yep, they know you, like you, and trust you and you know for sure that they will see your promotion if it’s in their inbox. Those are a lot better odds than ‘I hope they check my blog.’

BEWARE! As much of an honor as it is to be welcomed into someone’s email inbox, you can get your invitation revoked just as quickly if you’re pushing sales-y content that doesn’t make your client’s life better in some way! There is nothing wrong with letting your subscribers in on your latest promotion, but also send fun helpful tips and tricks that your readers can use and enjoy. The 80/20 rule is a great guide! Make sure that 80% of the emails you send are high value, helpful, fun, entertaining (whatever works for your brand) content and then 20% can be where you’re asking for something in return.

So how do you continue to grow your email subscriber list? We’re not just looking for past clients, although you definitely want them on there. We are looking for new potential clients as well!


4 Insider Tips to Build Your Email List


1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask! I always think we should exhaust the easy and obvious resources first. So start by asking past clients and those you know to subscribe to your newsletter. Also, don’t be afraid to ask them to share your newsletter with friends and family that they think might enjoy your services too!


2. Opt-In! Opt-Ins are those handy little pop-ups or widgets you see on the side of people’s websites. Look at the bottom of the page and you’ll see mine (speaking of… Make sure you’re receiving my newsletters). One great way to increase your subscriber rate is by offering something free that your readers will enjoy when they subscribe. The opt-in below includes my “Ready to Grow Faster” guide, a guide focused on reaching success. Offering something of value to your target clientele is a great way to begin your relationship with them.


3. Put your Opt-In Everywhere. I have it on my links page for my Instagram profile, in the footer of every blog post, as a pop-up on my website. And if you’re thinking, “but people will get annoyed” – if what you’re offering is awesome, then they won’t!


4. Great Content! It’s really important that your content be high value. Receiving spammy emails that scream, ‘I really need your money’ is not the way to make friends! Offering fun, well-made email campaigns that are a pleasant break from the day… Now that’s worth reading!


5. Sex Sells! Okay, we’re not actually talking about sex, we’re talking about newsletters which – well, are really unsexy- but, that doesn’t mean they need to be boring and bland. I have been using Flodesk (I share a lot more info about them in this previous blog post) for my newsletters and am so impressed with their ease of design. You’ll be shocked at how easy it will be to create great-looking content in no time!

With the implementation of these few steps, you should have more names on your subscriber list in no time!




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