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How to move past ‘overwhelm’

Spinning plates seems to be the perfect way to explain how so many creatives feel. Every client, project, promotion, marketing strategy – each represents a plate. One project may end and that plate can come down, but inevitably it’s replaced with one new one (or three).

Being busy is what every entrepreneur dreams of and yet, that same “busy” can quickly morph into the complete demise of a business, its owner, and her sanity.


When we get busy (and I mean really busy), it’s almost inevitable that quality is sacrificed. Creating a quality experience for the client becomes an ongoing missed opportunity, and reputation begins to suffer as a result.

So how do you grow AND keep that great experience? The answer is in SYSTEMS, AUTOMATION, and at some point OUTSOURCING some of the workload.



I felt guilty to be frustrated with how busy I was. Wasn’t this what I’d wanted? And yet, because I’d never made a proper plan I had none of the tools I needed to sustain myself and my business.

I had to solve this. I had to get the work done. So I decided to stop sleeping. At first, I stayed up into the early hours of the night purely out of excitement! There was so much passion and ambition and determination inside me that I felt like I would explode if I couldn’t get it out. But eventually, enthusiasm was replaced with exhaustion.

My day started at 7 am when the kids woke up and on most nights it ended at 5 am or so when my head literally hit my keyboard. Then I would drag myself out of my office, collapse into bed, and barely count out the hours of sleep I would get that night before submitting to exhaustion.  I know! Ugly!! It was a vicious cycle and one that I couldn’t allow to survive.

Here’s the bottom line – success in your business is shallow if the rest of your life is suffering.

Success in your business is shallow if the rest of your life is suffering.

You’ll find yourself feeling empty even though you are checking off huge goals and reaching amazing heights.

To me, busy equaled success. To truly enjoy the “busy” you have to be prepared to receive it.


These are 5 strategies I’ve learned over the years that have made all the difference for me!


1. Plan now for your future success!

We are what we think about, so why not plan for the success that you want and start acting as if it’s already here. Decide for yourself what that would mean?! For me it meant scheduling clients further out and farther apart. It meant having systems. After making the mistake too many times to count, I finally figured out that I needed to stop planning for my business and start planning for my real life. It sounds so obvious and yet it was one of the most liberating things I’ve done to date.

2. Too busy is a sign to raise prices.

I’m serious! Whenever I get overwhelmingly busy, I raise my prices. I do this because this shows that the demand has been established and so the supply levels need to be adjusted. The great thing about raising prices is that you suddenly need and want way fewer clients!

3. Outsource.

We are not and can not be everything and if we’re being really truthful then we have to admit that we aren’t even good at everything anyway. So stop thinking you have to do and be it all. I know I’m such a broken record on this one but it just kills me when I hear these women who are killing themselves to be ‘mother of the year,’ ‘businesswoman of the year,’  ‘homemaker of the year’ and inside they are falling to pieces because they can’t do it all. I’ve cried those tears! There is a better way!

Not sure how to ever start outsourcing? Grab my Outsourcing Planner worksheet + get access to my entire Library of Free Resources.

4. Get comfortable with saying, “Not this time.”

Your schedule is being competed for ALL. THE. TIME. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu want a chunk of it, your work needs it, your hubby and kids require it. Plus you need sleep, exercises, and reflection time to stay on your A-game. Too often it’s our relationships & our own health that are the first things we put on the back burner when work gets busy? Saying “not this time” or postponing a few projects is ok! Actually, it’s encouraged.

I’m scheduling lighter and trying to keep a realistic perspective on how much I really can take on right now. I had hit my head against the same wall over and over, wondering how can I do it all. I finally realized that I can’t. So while I didn’t want to remove anything completely, I did make the choice to back off of a few things (at least for a little while).

5. Hire a business coach or find an accountability partner.

There are two options when you’re ready to get help from an expert- 1:1 coaching and group coaching. Both have their strengths!

1:1 Coaching gives you scheduled one on one time with a business coach who is there to focus only on you, your goals, and your outcomes. I always say it’s like having business big sisters who have already been there and can tell you all the secrets. If you want to see if we’re a good fit, you can schedule a free 20-minute Discovery Chat.

Group Coaching means you have the opportunity to work with a coach or coaches in a group setting. Each one is structured differently, but in Growth Getters you get Live Group Coaching weekly and monthly, Masterminding, quarterly 1:1 sessions, and an accountability coach + monthly trainings to help you elevate a new area of your business.

Ultimately, life is not just about getting more done. Focus on what’s best for you and make that the priority.

Want to go deeper? If you would like one on one business coaching to get your business where you dream of, I’d love to be your cheerleader, advocate and personal consultant… And together we’ll get you thriving!

Leave a comment because I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Move past overwhelm and find peace in your business

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