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How to improve your chance of getting an email reply

Are they deleting you for bad manners you don’t even know you’re committing?

If you’re reaching out to pitch an idea, collaborate on a project, or apply for a new position – then email is often your first impression. That contact form pops into your inbox, and you start to craft your reply, but are you sure you’re sending out the right message for your brand? Here’s a hint is not a good start.

Utilizing a solid email address, crafting a concise and clear message, and ending with a polished auto signature will speak volumes for your professionalism.  Creating an auto signature is only about a 5-minute task, but it’s effect on the tone of each one of your emails is immeasurable.  I receive so many emails on a daily basis that either: a) don’t utilize them properly, or b) don’t have one at all.  A good auto signature builds credibility and increases trust.

Use this checklist to help you quickly and effectively improve your emails:


The “Email Looks Good” Checklist:


Your Email Address

Your email address matters. The most professional approach is a custom email using your URL (ex: I use GoDaddy or Google for my custom email addresses.  A Gmail address can also work, but make sure it looks professional. i.e. not  (Yes, we notice!)

The Email Body

Keep your email short, concise, and to the point. I like to start with a connection or compliment, then get right to the point, and finish with a clear call to action (what I want them to do next).


The Email Signature

Email Signatures should include Name, Company Name, and Website URL (if you’re on social media, you can add those too).

My personal preference is to also include a small logo or – better yet – a head shot so that the recipient can put a face with the text

source: signaturia


The ‘Before You Hit Send’ Test

Did you:

  1. Start with a connection/compliment.
  2. Keep it simple and concise.
  3. Clearly convey the next step/what you’re asking.
  4. Set a calendar reminder to follow up if you haven’t heard back.


After you click ‘Send’:

Follow up! Nagging (in a really polite and positive way) brings you back up the priority ladder on your recipient’s to-do list, so don’t be afraid to follow up.




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