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7 lessons so you can ENJOY your business again!

“How does she do it?

No, but really… Can you please explain how? Like actually, how?”



Ever wondered and wished you could know how some are able to get more done in a day than others do in a month? It’s not magic, although it can feel pretty freaking magical once you figure it out.

I’ve been thinking back over the last 8 years in business, and I thought particularly on the most successful years; the ones where I was cranking out content, feeling especially inspired, and exceeding my goals and income projections the most. What was it that I was doing especially well then?

I realized that each of these lessons has been HUGE in the growth of my business and in my ability to live the lifestyle I’ve dreamed about (which is really just being able to be incredibly present for my family).

When I originally wrote this article, we were living in another country! I think we were in Bali — just because we wanted to! And before that it had been Australia and before that Japan, and Hong Kong, and London! A month in all of these incredible places. Just me, my handsome hubby, and our three kids. Who gets to do that? Honestly, ANYONE that wanted to could. I just had to make sure that I was well organized and that I had an income that could be made from anywhere. The rest was just logistics!

The biggest lessons, when mastered, have made the difference between feeling confident about my business, my systems, and my income. And some lessons are a little harder!

Are you ready?

Actually, before we jump in, can I ask you a question?

What are you going to do with this information? Make a goal right now!

There are 7 strategies. Could you reasonably commit to implement 3 in the next week? All 7 in the next month? How will you remember? Will you carve out and schedule time to ensure it happens? Because that’s the first great lesson, and it’s a bonus one – we have to take action. And not just the reactive kind. We need to be proactive if we want different and better results!


Okay, so now that you’ve make a commitment to yourself because you know that you goals, your freedom, and your dreams are worth it… Let’s jump in for real this time.


1. Treat your time like it’s the most precious commodity you have (because it is)

The number one goal killer I know of is distraction. Don’t allow distraction to hold your dreams back. Instead, block out time for a specific task (this is called time-blocking). Then close out all distractions, especially your phone and notifications. I put my phone on airplane mode or in a drawer and I keep all notifications turned off on my computer. It’s critical that you give yourself every advantage possible so that you can win. Notifications, text messages, phone calls… Those are distraction’s favorite form of chaos to throw at us. So, close out your email, close out all open tabs (except for what is pertinent to your current project), set a timer, and go to work!

2. Make time to fill up your creative tank

When we get busy, one of the first things we let go of are those little rituals that fill our creative tanks. This can hurt us though, because we lose the fun, the inspiration, and the creativity that we need to continue to be innovative.  Make sure to schedule time frequently to fill your creative tank.

For me this looks like making time for great books (I’m such a sucker for auto biographies [try: Shoedog, Believe it, The Magnolia Story], personal development [try: Soundtracks, The 5 Second Rule, Take the Stairs] and Business books [try: Marketing Made Simple, Small Giants, Youtility]. I listen to them, not read, and it happens either while I’m driving or when I take my dog for a walk!

I also love a great girls weekend. It always does wonders for the soul and if it can be part of a retreat or mastermind, even better!!


3. Don’t expect others to validate your dreams

Not everyone is going to “get” your dream, in fact often those who you are closest with may understand it the least. That’s okay. The entrepreneurial spirit is not for everyone, and your incredible vision may not be viewable by those closest to you. Don’t let that discourage you.  In time, as your dreams become reality, they will be able to see what you’ve seen all along.

Having support from others does matter, so look to cultivate relationships that can lift you and encourage you in other social circles. Many of my closest entrepreneurial friends and cheerleaders started as online-friends.



4. Only check email twice a day

Some of the most amazing opportunities I’ve been presented with started with a little email in my inbox. So email can (on the rare occasion) be great! For the most part, it’s a distraction! Why? Because it’s somebody else’s to-do list being added to your plate.

Make the rule to only check email a maximum of twice a day. If you can check in one hour after getting to your desk in the morning and 2 hours before you’re done with the day, clients and inquiries will get a prompt enough response, but they will not start taking over your business with their own agendas. After all, you’ve got dreams to fulfill.

5. Buy time with your money

It’s this simple… If you want to accomplish more, do more, and be more, and you don’t want to lose your sanity, your family, and your joy. Invest your money into hiring people to help you. This will allow you to have more time to do the tasks that you do best and to spend time with those you love most.

Here are just a few ways I’ve bought time with my money:

  • Home Meal Kits like Hello Fresh or Green Chef (for my healthier & gluten-free friends). The kids each pick one dinner a week and then they’re in charge of cooking it. Worth every single penny!
  • Grocery Delivery
  • House Cleaner
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Lawn Care
  • Home Organizer
  • Laundry Services
  • Hiring someone to do it for me vs. doing it myself. Sure I could but it’s going to take approximately 18 YouTube videos and 3 times as many hours if I try.

Are you noticing a theme? I don’t love chores, so the biggest thing I outsource is house work and I’m 100% guilt-free because I can use that time to bring in additional income!

Paysen showing off the dinner he made for all of us from Hello Fresh!

6. Invest in your growth (so you can speed up how long it takes you to reach your revenue goals)

Never stop investing in your growth. There are so many incredible virtual courses that will teach you, inspire you, and help you continue to grow. I’m also a huge fan of live conferences and retreats, so that you can surround yourself with fellow creatives. You get to learn from inspiring top entrepreneurs who have already gotten to where you want to go and share with you what they’ve learned the hard way and how you can get their yourself. It’s an amazing experience that’s worth setting as a goal and a priority.

If you’re a womenpreneur who’s sick of feeling like there’s never enough time to do it all, and you’re not even sure WHAT “all” should be and you desperately need to get clarity on what is going to get you to your goals the fastest, then definitely check out Growth Getters — my group coaching mastermind!

7. You have a peak performance time – find it!

Listen to your energy and follow where it takes you. This was maybe the hardest for me to learn. I would get these blocks of time, and  I would say, “Self, this is your time to get all of that really important, brain-busting, solution-finding work done. You need to do it right now because you don’t know when you’ll get more time.”  This was especially at its loudest when my kiddos were small and home with me 24/7.  I’d sit down and try to get to work, and I’d try, and I’d try…but I just wasn’t producing.

Looking back, I have been at my best when I have listened to myself and honored the space I was in at a given moment. There are times when I hit that sweet spot. I just get in the zone (aka: flow). Ideas, creativity, and solutions seem to freely flow through me and around me. If I need an answer, I can almost pluck it out of the air in front of me. There are other times when I’m just… not.  It’s like that relationship when you knew he was a good guy and all, but it just wasn’t there. Now you can either force it (but you know those sparks are never going to ignite), or you let that time be honored in a better form.

Trying to push yourself to get into the zone will never produce the results you are after. Instead, learn to listen to your mind, follow where it takes you, and be fully present and engaged in the space that you are in right now.  Be content and trusting (and that may just be the hardest part) that ‘the zone’ will find you again soon.


These are seriously the most incredible lessons that I’ve learned. They’ve made the most dramatic impact throughout the years for my business and I hope they will help you now!




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