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5 Steps to Increase Productivity at Work Right Now

Productivity: the word we all strive to reach. Why does it seem so hard sometimes? We have good intentions. We are ready to focus, our to-do list is complete, but why do we still feel defeated at the end of the day?

Here are 5 easy steps to get you on track and crushing your productivity at work:


Crossing items off your to-do list is so satisfying. But, as satisfying as the cross offs may be, a long list is daunting. To give yourself the best chance of accomplishing the most important tasks on your list, just focus on the top five. What’s even better is having these TOP FIVE written out the night before so you have a clear path for your day.


Waking up to emails or social media can get us off on the wrong foot. The stress of the day will set in before your brain has even woken up! A morning routine can set the tone for your day. Resist the urge to look at your phone or screen and do something for yourself. Do you like to meditate, exercise, read, sip your tea?

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Oprah’s morning routine to get you inspired!

why having a morning routine is so important for your productivity


It’s no surprise that email is probably our biggest time suck. All those notifications pull us away from what we really should be doing. What I have found that works best for me is to schedule two sessions a day to deal with my emails. Outside of those time blocks, my email is closed or notifications are turned off. 


Some people like to brag about how well they multitask. The truth is that it actually hurts, not helps, you. According to American Psychology Association, shifting between tasks can cost you up to 40% of your productivity. Work smarter, not harder by turning off notifications, putting your phone in a drawer, and closing out email except at designated times. Think of something you can do to reward yourself for finishing a specific task before moving on to a new one. A little bribery never hurt anyone!


And not just because sitting for more than 7 hours a day is linked to depression, dementia and Alzheimers! Although, that’s enough for me right there! But also, because it will help you to reevaluate, focus back in and get more done.

Moving as little as two minutes per hour increases our brain function. Taking a break might seem counterintuitive when you have a lot to do, but getting up to improve your focus will be well worth it. Consider a walking meeting or walking during a phone call. If you can actually get outside for some fresh air, that’s even better!

I set 45-minute timers to be ultra productive and then pop up and take care of something for a few minutes. Sometimes it’s switching the laundry (#momboss). That brief pause helps me come back energized and ready to focus.

Choose ONE or all 5 and give it a try. Improving your productivity is actually a lot closer than you think.

5 simple ways to improve your productivity right now



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