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The 15 Minute Clean Home System for Busy Mompreneurs

What if you could kill it at your career and have a clean home every day? I’m going to show you my system for making this dream life your reality in just 15 minutes a day!

But first, let’s chat about why daily cleaning versus once or twice a week power cleaning is actually going to serve you better!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the idea of spending your entire Saturday cleaning after a busy work week or if the idea of devoting big chunks of time every few days seems like a big sacrifice on family time, then you will benefit from setting a timer and cleaning up for 15 quick minutes a day.


Everyone needs a system for a clean home to avoid being embarrassed when last-minute guests drop in!


Years ago, I interviewed the Clean Mama herself to help me get a handle on keeping my house clean while doing all the other things. She gave me a huge dose of inspiration and helpful tips that I’m so excited to share with you!

If you want to see my interview (less than 10 minutes) with Becky (AKA the Clean Mama!) and read over the original blog post, just click here.



Becky of Clean Mam



We even created a free checklist that you can use to make sure you get everything done without the overwhelm. It’s a great system for keeping things clean every week! The fun thing is that you don’t have to do everything every day! I mean, a checklist where I can pick and choose my activities? Sign me up!



“The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”      Marie Kondo





cleaning checklist



So, how do I use this awesome clean home printable?


Step 1: Set a timer for 15 minutes

I love to tell my family that we’re going to POWER CLEAN for 15-20 minutes a day. When we do it together as a family, it’s really powerful because, between the five of us, we’re actually getting an hour and fifteen minutes of work happening in 15 MINUTES! How amazing!

In our home, we delegate out a different room or task between the five of us.

It may look like a quick division of kitchen, bonus room, living and dining room, windows, or putting clutter in its place. It’s really important that each member of the family knows what their task is and we do it together as a family. That way we’re getting everything done quickly and are all working as a team.


Step 2: Choose your priority for the day

On the left side of the checklist, you’ll find 5 weekly tasks (with space to add two more items). I tend to focus on one item each day during my 15 minutes of power cleaning while my family focuses on the daily tasks of cleaning the kitchen, tidying up the living and dining rooms, and spraying down any glass or windows.

I love knowing that by the end of the week, I’ll have a clean house but only need to focus on one thing per day. When I used to spend my entire Saturday cleaning, it felt overwhelming to even pick a place to start! You’re probably familiar with the scene: laundry going while I’m putting away clutter and timing the day so that my kids aren’t running across the house while I’m trying to mop the floors…oh my, that was stressful!

Now I just focus on one item and am at ease knowing that the rest of my cleaning list can wait until tomorrow. It’s given me so much grace to know that everything will be taken care of and I don’t lose an entire day away from my family.


Step 3: Enlist the help of your kids and complete the daily tasks

It’s just so important that we teach our kids to take care of their spaces. The practice of cleaning is a daily activity and not determined by whether or not they “feel like it.” It really prepares them for independence and teaches them daily discipline.

Daily cleaning includes completing all of the tasks on the right side of the printable on a daily basis. We expect beds to be made, clutter to be picked up, laundry to make it into a hamper, floors to be swept (or vacuumed) and countertops wiped down every day.

Being good stewards of our home and practicing the act of cleaning is something that I want my kiddos to maintain long into adulthood. Having a clean space and working as a team is a great way to ensure that we accomplish this goal.



clean home


Step 4: Enjoy a clean house!

I mean, is this even a step?! It may just be my favorite part of the Clean Home System! I’ve found that when our home is clean and tidy, not only am I more calm and productive but my kids are too. I think once you try my system, you’ll never go back to spending entire days on cleaning and enjoy the 15 minute daily practice of Power Cleaning.


Links you’ll want from this post:

In case you missed it, here’s the link to the original post! Don’t forget to watch the interview and see why sometimes the cleaning can wait!
Make Clean Part of Your Routine Original Post


So, where do I sign up for the Weekly Cleaning Checklist (and all the other goodies in the Leah Remillet Library)?
Access the full library here!



Clean Home PIN


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