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Three Easy Organizers for Mompreneurs

Have you ever wished your home could run on auto-pilot? Maybe less time spent cleaning and managing it all, more time spent laughing and enjoying the moments you have in it? While I can’t deliver Rosey the Robot (The Jetsons really did have it made!), I can give you some tools to keep your home running smoothly and help you regain control of your day.

But before my roundup, I want to tell you that it’s okay if the house is messy. You’re building a business and you’re raising a family… If something’s gotta give, let it be the dishes and the laundry!

And now, here are three favorite freebies. I’ve put them all in one spot for you to see just how easy it can be to get your house under control (even without a very helpful Robot)! All you’ll need is to grab them here (along with all the rest of my free goodies)! Once you print these out, you’ll love how these printables help you get more organized.

1. Chore Chart


This is one of my favorite resources and it’s also available on The CEO Kid! I used this so much when my kids were between ages 7 -12 and we all loved it! They got so used to the consistency and clarity of a chore chart that they even fill it out themselves now! Yes, even kids love the satisfaction that comes from checking off an item on the “to-do list.” My biggest tip for using this chart is to keep it somewhere visible.

Pro Tip: Laminate each kiddo’s chore chart, or put it in a plastic sleeve so you can reuse the same chart week after week.
If your kids love stickers, you can also consider giving them reward stickers when they finish an item (but then you’ll have to print weekly).


chore chart for kids



2. Daily Planner


The Daily Planner is my biggest tool for productivity! I even have a blog post dedicated to how I use mine.

When I created this Daily Planner, I really had a few important things in mind. First, was the balance between living with intention and also considering how I wanted to show up each day. That’s why there’s a block for blessings and a block for appreciation. You’ll also see very specific time blocks to keep yourself on track with your schedule. A surprising aspect of this daily planner is that you think about what time you’ll be done working and write it down. This keeps work from rolling into dinner, family time, and even bedtime (I know it happens to busy mompreneurs sometimes, regardless of our good intentions!).



3. Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Alright friend, I’ve got to be honest, this weekly cleaning checklist has CHANGED MY LIFE! I used to struggle with maintaining a clean home while working from home until I started implementing the strategies in the 15 Minute Clean Home System which has drastically reduced the stress and mess of keeping things tidy.

I love that it can be used as a family activity. Getting over an hour’s worth of cleaning done in just 15 minutes per day! I mean, teamwork and housework? Sign me up!



cleaning checklist


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