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6 Ways to Stay Healthy as a Mompreneur

I totally get it, staying healthy as a mompreneur is such a challenge. Where are you supposed to find the time?


You’re already dividing your time between all of your other responsibilities, but prioritizing your health means that you can show up for your business and family.

When you have as many things on your plate as we do, the key is being really intentional. Once you’ve got that piece, it’s about time, energy, and creating easy systems that make it all possible.


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Physical Health

This is probably what you were thinking about, right? Exercise, nutrition, and rest (I see you out there trying to function on 6 hours of sleep) are so vital to staying healthy. But HOW do you fit it all in?

Here’s my system for prioritizing my physical health:

👉 Commit to a fitness schedule.

Consistency is the key, not quality. This has been one of the hardest things for me to learn. I constantly think it’s about big workouts, but then I can’t sustain it – so, I stop.

Now, I commit to a very short and simple routine and then I can add to it whenever I want. Set a minimum goal that you can accomplish even on your busiest days. (Mine is kettlebell swings. I can always do more, but I at least can get those in.)


👉 Work on your mindset around nutrition.

Have you ever tried to reframe your thoughts on nutrition? You all know I love a good cheeseboard…and food is my love language. My favorite way of being mindful of my health is to think more about the foods and nutrients that I need to ADD into my diet rather than what I cannot have.

I start with ensuring that I’m getting lots of water (I drink my weight in ounces every day) and protein. I find that focusing on what I should have, rather than what I need to avoid, helps me to stay motivated and not feel deprived.


I spent years trying to sleep less. It was the only way I thought I could get everything done. It turns out, that was a really really bad idea. But you probably know that.

Now, I absolutely make sure I get 8 hours a night. If there’s a day when I can’t, then I try to get in a nap. Sleep is everything — don’t neglect this part of your health.

When we’re tired, we’re grouchy, we have less clarity, and we may not make good decisions. Your family and your business need you to get rest!


In can be any goal, but when you commit to make something happen like a 5K or a marathon, you now have something to keep you motivated.

Consider something crazy like a 1/2 marathon. That’s the goal I set in 2015 even though I’d never even run a 5K. Heck, I didn’t even run the mile in junior high (I faked asthma).

If you’re up for a BIG challenge, I created this Half Marathon Training Schedule when I was training for mine. The training printable is available in my library, where you will find a lot more freebies too!

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Emotional Health

This may just be the crux of many health issues for business owners. I mean, there’s SO MUCH emotion tied to your business. But, we can’t allow our entire worth to be tied to it. Your emotional health is vital to your continued success.

Here are a few things that help me stay centered and joyful while being a mompreneur.

👉 Have a network of fellow mompreneur friends for support

No one knows our business and personal challenges quite like someone else trying to do the same thing, or who’s already been there. I’m so grateful to lean on friends that are also business owners for advice, support, and even brainstorming sessions. It reminds me that I’m not alone in this journey.


👉 Keep a Gratitude Journal

Every day I write down 10 things I’m grateful for. And I can’t stress enough what this has done for me. I’m happier, calmer, and more positive. And there’s scientific proof that doing this for just 3 weeks will actually change your brain. Yep, scientists can actually see the pathways in your brain changing after practicing gratitude journaling for 3 weeks.


👉 Give yourself grace

The truth is, sometimes you won’t get to inbox zero or make it to a family dinner, sometimes you’ll forget that you were responsible for taking a child to their doctor’s appointment or that you had a meeting scheduled with a client. These can be little or big issues, but they’re also places where you can give yourself grace.

Mistakes happen, forgive yourself, do the next right thing, and keep moving forward, friend.

👉 Review your Big Goal every single day!

One of the most frustrating moments is when we feel like we’re off track, unsure, or that we didn’t do the right things. The simple task of reviewing your big goal every day and then asking yourself if what you’re working on is pushing you closer to that goal will not only help you emotionally, but it will keep you more productive – which just feels better!

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How to get yourself out of a slump is an earlier blog post I share what to do when you find yourself lacking the motivation to become healthier!


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