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Listen in on a Live Group Coaching Session

This week we had one of our “Live with Leah” Group Coaching Sessions for members of my program, Growth Getters. We talk about anything and everything and always bring it back to how we can simplify and streamline to make our business run smoother and more seamless.

Well, as we were jumping in, I started sharing about this small win I had this week, which was actually kind of a big win for me. Now, before you press play… I totally get the irony of this being hard for me. But it actually really, really is. It’s downright terrifying.

In fact, I’ve been wanting to do this thing for over 6 months, but made up reasons why I couldn’t every time… every time until this week!

But here’s the REAL reason I want to share this with you. Because my small win has everything to do with you being about to close more sales, book more clients and help people get to YES more easily!




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