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Balancing Busy Podcast – My Trailer Episode is Live!


This has been a long time coming, but I’m so excited to share that it’s finally here!

Welcome to the Balancing Busy Podcast where I help time-starved mompreneurs replace busy with better through simple stackable systems that you can use together to take back control — for your business, your personal life, and your relationships. I’m so excited for you to listen to my trailer episode!

The goal is to feel empowered. And that sounds really nice… I mean that’s an Instagram quote if I’ve ever hearted one.

But what does empowerment mean for you?


For me…

  • It means I know my finances. I know how much money I have and that I feel capable of taking care of myself and my family.
  • It means that I’m parenting in a way where my kids can feel that I’m present, that I’m here with them. Not kind of here, not here-but-trying-to-secretly-work-on-my-phone. I’m all in.
  • It means I have a vision and a plan for my business and I feel brave enough to go for it.
  • And in all of that, I want to feel like I control my days and not the other way around where day after day I crawl into bed wondering what the heck happened.


There’s no question that the high performers, the overachievers, the go-getters, the winners, and the most successful people you know, all use systems.

Sound too good to be true? I get it. When I started my first business in 2009, I was drowning trying to be everything for everyone. Of course, that’s not sustainable and so after a very scary day where I collapsed and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital, I became determined to find a better way. Hustle wasn’t working, and heart wasn’t the only thing needed. I was looking for better. 


Today I’ve built multiple businesses across 4 industries, each with very full-time incomes, while only working part-time hours. I love showing women entrepreneurs how to build a business and life that lights you up. 

Balancing Busy Podcast is Here!
I hope you’ll start with the trailer episode (and maybe even leave a review!) and then meet me on your favorite Podcast platform every week as we cover topics like productivity, growth, parenting, marriage, time-management, money… All the things we women need so that we can have purpose, profit, and be fully present for what matters most.


This is possible. You are capable. I hope you’ll join me on this journey!


The Balancing Busy podcast is here to show time-starved women how to increase their impact without sacrificing their health, home, or happiness.


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