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Productivity Quiz for Small Business Owners

Are the tasks you work on during the day the ones with the highest priority? Take the Productivity quiz and find out how to be more productive. We’ll even reveal your personal productivity power-move and essential productivity and time management tools and resources.

72% of small business owners feel overwhelmed by all of their roles and responsibilities. Not surprisingly, this leads to stress and stress is not conducive for productivity. In fact, Shawn Achor’s research shows that your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, stressed or even neutral.

So how do we relive the overwhelm and the stress?

The biggest effect I’ve been able to have personally and for my clients has been in helping them to work less, but better.

When you start to become aware of tasks that don’t need to be done, and then you let them go… Suddenly you’re making tick, tick, ticks against that overwhelm and clearing space to feel happier and more productive.

So where do you measure up?

Take the Productivity Quiz, to find out how much time you’re losing a week. But don’t worry. I’m not just leaving you there. Once aware, we care. So once you know, I’ll then reveal your personal productivity power-move so that you can also start working less, but doing more.

You’ll fall into one of 4 power moves, and while I’ll let you peek at all of them, this particular one is where I want you to start. It’s recommended specifically based on where you are now and it’s going to help you cut your hours and reclaim control as soon as you put it to work.

Take the Productivity Quiz and learn how to get more done in less time!





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