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4 Ways I Buy Back Time In My Business ( Ep 103)

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Today, we’re diving into the strategies that can help you regain precious time in your business. In a world where busyness often reigns supreme, finding balance becomes a strategic pursuit. But fear not, because balance isn’t an elusive destination—it’s something we actively create. Today, I’m excited to share with you four powerful techniques that have helped me reclaim time in my own business journey.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

👉How to leverage technology to automate tasks and streamline processes in your business, saving you valuable time and effort
👉The importance of outsourcing and delegating administrative tasks 
👉Why investing in continuous education can fast-track your success and help you avoid costly trial-and-error experiments 

Embrace Technology to Automate Processes

Automation is like having a secret productivity weapon in your toolkit. It’s all about finding the right tech tools that can handle tasks on your behalf, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters. For me, one of my go-to solutions is Flodesk—an email marketing platform that not only simplifies my email campaigns but also offers beautiful design options and a fixed pricing structure, ensuring I’m not penalized as my email list grows.

And let’s not forget about Zapier—a game-changer for integrating different systems and automating workflows seamlessly. Whether it’s syncing data between apps or triggering actions based on specific events, Zapier has been a lifesaver in streamlining my processes and saving me valuable time.

Outsource and Delegate Administrative Tasks

As entrepreneurs, we often wear many hats, but that doesn’t mean we have to do it all ourselves. Outsourcing and delegating tasks can be a game-changer when it comes to reclaiming time and focusing on what truly moves the needle in your business. Whether it’s hiring a podcast editor, a virtual assistant, or a bookkeeper, outsourcing administrative tasks allows you to free up mental bandwidth and devote your energy to income-generating activities.

I’ve personally seen the benefits of outsourcing firsthand, from freeing up time to focus on content creation to ensuring my financials are in order—all while knowing that I have a reliable team supporting me behind the scenes. In fact I have an entire podcast episode dedicated to walking you through step by step on the entire outsourcing process- this episode is a goldmine!

Invest in Continuous Education

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, knowledge truly is power. Investing in continuous education not only expands your skill set but also saves you valuable time by learning from the experiences of others. One place you can get a TON of education on running your business is in my membership, Growth Getters. Its essentially a treasure trove of resources and courses covering various aspects of business growth and optimization, from marketing strategies to productivity hacks.

By prioritizing education and learning from experts who have already mastered the processes you seek to implement, you can fast-track your success and avoid costly trial-and-error experiments.

Price Your Services Appropriately

Confidence in your worth is key when it comes to pricing your services. Don’t undervalue your expertise—consider raising your prices to reflect the value you provide and align with your business goals. Charging higher rates not only positions you as a premium service provider but also reduces the need for a high volume of clients, giving you more time to deliver quality work and focus on what truly matters.

Remember, pricing is not just about numbers—it’s about perception and positioning. By confidently pricing your services based on the value you provide, you not only reclaim time but also elevate your brand and attract clients who appreciate your worth.

Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship requires intentionality and strategic decision-making. By implementing these four strategies—leveraging technology, outsourcing tasks, investing in education, and pricing your services appropriately—you can reclaim precious time in your business. Remember, balance is not a static state but a continuous journey of adjustment and recalibration.

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Leah: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Balancing Busy Podcast. I’m your host, Leah Remilley. And this podcast is about helping you look at every single area of your life to help you do less, but better to get that time back and infuse just a little bit more confidence in yourself. Balance. Balance isn’t something that just happens to us.

It is something that we choose. We create balance, which means we have the power and we hold the control, which to me is very exciting, but we have to set our intention. We have to create balance. But when we do, oh, life just feels so much better. To me, balance It is a feeling. It is not a destination. It’s not an achievement.

And because it’s a feeling, we can have it. We can also lose it. And it’s going to happen really quickly. The thing is, is life shifts all the time. There’s going to be moments where we feel completely unbalanced because [00:01:00] things change. We’re in a new season of life or a new stage, or there’s some surprise, good or bad, that shows up and it’s sets everything off balance.

And then we get to put things back in balance. And even if they’re off for a moment, that’s not you doing anything wrong. That’s just real life. That means that You’re living. In fact, if you were always able to stay in balance, then I would think that you’re a little too comfortable. I would think that it’s also probably feeling pretty dull and boring.

So when you get off balance, you recalibrate, you readjust, and you just get back into balance again. I don’t think anyone can stay in balance, and I don’t think anyone has to stay out of balance all the time either. right. So in our quest to claim more balance, I want to share four ways that I buy back time in my business. Number one, tech [00:02:00] that automates Funnels or processes for me. So just simply finding technology that can do a task on my behalf. This can really be anything that just simplifies. I have had all kinds of different tech.

Now, I do think it’s really important that we don’t let the tech become so complicated and, Um, Intricate that it actually cost us even more time. Technology should be making our lives easier. It should be simplifying things for us. But when we find those things, when we find tech that automates or it creates the funnel, it sends out the triggers and the sequences and the workflows on our behalf, it’s so much easier.

It sets up the process and it removes us from a step that is so powerful. So there’s all kinds of things like your email marketing system. I use Flowdesk. I’ll have a link. It’s my affiliate link. I want to make sure I’m really clear about that, but it gives you 50 percent off and they truly [00:03:00] are my favorite.

I’ve used so many in the last 15 years and I have switched all of my private clients over to Flowdesk because the price is so good. design is so beautiful and I love that they don’t penalize you for how big your list grows, right? Every single one of us is trying to grow our email list and yet every other platform I’ve ever been on, the bigger I kept getting, the bigger the bill kept getting.

I mean, there were times where during launch I was paying thousands, thousands, multiples a month because I was sending a bunch of emails and I have a big list. This I love because it’s no matter how big you get. it’s still the same price. So I’ll have the link to flow desk. But that would be an example where I can set up my opt ins.

I can set up a welcome sequence. I can set up a workflow that triggers for a new customer. There’s so many ways I can nurture the customer or the new lead, whatever it might be through a sequence of emails. And I sit down, I do it once, [00:04:00] and then it triggers and it’s, It sets, it sets it all out for me. If you are completely new to email marketing, hopefully this is like, Oh yeah, this is making sense.

But maybe you’re new and you’re like, Oh, this has been something I’ve been needing to do. I have entire workshops inside of our group coaching membership inside of growth getters, uh, all about email marketing, how you set all of this up, what you should be thinking about with your freebies, your opt ins, building your flows, how to just create all of it, it’s all there.

So if that’s something you are interested in, you can go to growthgetters. com. Or you can go to my website or just email me or DM me. I’d be so happy to help you in and point you in the right direction. So there’s things like that. There is also. the option of adding zaps. If you haven’t heard of Zapier, basically, sometimes we have two technologies and we want them to talk to each other.

For [00:05:00] example, let’s say I get an order, right? Somebody purchases one of my workshops or courses or memberships and I want their email address to go over to Flowdesk, But I don’t want to have to do it myself. I don’t want to have to think, Oh, I noticed I just got an order, now I need to take that email address, and I need to manually input it into my email provider.

That’s where you use Zapier. So Zapier is just simply, it’s, connects to Zapier. two systems. So I get the order in my shopping cart system and the zap triggers and the zap sends it over to flow desk and then it gets segmented into a customer under that product. And then they get the emails that they need to make sure they’re all taken care of.

And it just, seamlessly allows the communication to continue on. And there’s all kinds of Zaps, believe me. I use Zaps in so many areas for my business. If this sounds intriguing, if there’s ever a time where [00:06:00] you’re inputting the information yourself. Just, I would suggest, go to Zapier. com and kind of play around, look, and see what they do.

Their first ones are free. So, I think you can have up to three Zaps, I think, for free, but it’s worth checking out. Because that is, again, one of those things where it really does save me time. I was helping a client and realized, wait, you’re inputting the email addresses yourself, one by one? Oh gosh, let me help you.

And I just, you know, really quickly, Was like I’m setting up a zap for you and we took care of it and it was amazing If you do a lot of scheduling, let’s say on Calendly You want it to sync up to your email and be able to email out reminders and all these different things That could be another opportunity.

There’s there’s so many things. So That is definitely another place where I do use those different techs to help save me time. So automations, funnels, processes, even just a simple checklist, literally, you know, in Google Docs, a checklist of the customer experience. So I don’t have to be sitting there [00:07:00] wasting time trying to think, am I forgetting something?

No, I am following the checklist. So tech that automates helps me set up funnels or processes. I love it for saving me time. Number two, getting help. So, outsourcing, delegating, getting help, an example of this in my business would be my podcast editor. I get to record these episodes. I do the research.

I write out what I want to say. I hit record and then I send it off to her and she does all the editing, gets it all ready both for the podcast, YouTube if we’re going to have a YouTube video, gets the show notes ready, all of those different things. So that is a huge time commitment. If I was trying to do all of that myself as well.

So being able to outsource and delegate that is really, really helpful. Same thing. I do it with my Pinterest marketing. I do it with my editing. A really great thing to consider [00:08:00] is what are administrative tasks that I am currently doing that if I was freed up, if I was not taking the time to do these administrative tasks, I would have more time to focus on income producing work.

There are things that you do that only you should be doing because it makes money. It increases your profitability. It is your genius zone. This is why they come to you. And then let’s be honest, there are a lot of things that we do that are not our genius zone and they’re not what is truly what brings people in.

They just have to get done because we’re business owners and there’s tasks we need to do. Having a bookkeeper or a CPA, you have to keep your books, you have to know what your numbers are, but that maybe isn’t your zone of genius to be keeping track of. So hiring out and getting some help. can free you up to be able to then focus on income producing [00:09:00] work which then makes it very easy to be able to pay for that outsourcing that you have chosen to access.

So number two is outsourcing getting that help.

I have an entire masterclass called Outsourcing Explained and I actually made it a hundred percent free. I recorded it as a podcast episode. So if you want to access that, it is episode 28 and 29. It’s outsourcing explained from start to finish, how you find people, how you train people, how you figure out how much to pay them, the entire process, especially if you feel intimidated, unsure, there’s more questions than answers.

This is going to answer all of it. So if you go to episodes 28 and 29, you’re going to scroll back for a while. But I have amazing two podcast episodes that were a paid course for years and now they’re completely available to you. So hopefully [00:10:00] that is a great resource that if you’re saying, yes, you know what?

I would love to outsource, but I’m gonna be honest, like when am I going to find the time to train them? How am I going to find the right people? How do I know how much to pay them? How do I go through all of this process? That episode. Or those two episodes will walk you through a hundred percent how to do it all.

Number three, and this one might surprise you a little bit, but education. If I can learn to do something better once, it’s going to save me hours in the future. If I’m spending hours and hours trying to comb through, trying to find how to do something, testing, trying, making mistakes, that can be very expensive.

Whereas if I can find someone who has already done it, They know exactly how to do it the right way and then just implement their system. It’s going to save me so much time. That’s exactly why I created Growth Getters. I wanted to create this membership where you [00:11:00] would have access to everything.

Every single different kind of system you might need in your business. Every process, every strategy for all the different things, whether it’s like, I need to make more money. I need more time. I need more visibility. I need more reach. Each of those areas. Okay, here you go. Here are all the different courses.

You grab what you need, implement. I’m going to walk you through step by step. Soon as that one’s in, now you can take on the next one. I have been so grateful for being able to invest in education that has massively sped up my results and just saved me from so much time of learning the very hard way, which can become expensive when it takes way too long and you end up spending so much money on all these different small things.

And you’re like, I should have just done that thing from the beginning. So yes, education. Absolutely. 

And number four, my last strategy for buying back time for your [00:12:00] business. Are you ready for this one? Cause it’s not what you think. raise your prices. So one of the things that has absolutely helped me to buy back more time has been when it was appropriate and when it was time to raise my prices.

Because the honest truth is if I’m charging four hundred dollars for a service and I want to make four thousand dollars I need 10 clients. If I’m charging a thousand dollars for that same service and I have the value, I do the work, I show up, I am worth it. Now I only need four clients. That’s a lot easier with marketing.

It’s a lot easier on my time. It frees me up and it gives me white space. Sometimes the next step really is to raise your prices and in raising your prices you are gonna buy back time for yourself. And I know that can feel so scary. I know [00:13:00] there’s these feelings of imposter syndrome. Do I really deserve it?

Is it right? Uh, it’s so scary. Here’s what I will say to you. You have to be confident and you have to own it. You have to believe that you are worth the money. And if you are unsure, if you think, but I only offer this, if water can be sold at wildly different price points. Now, hear me out on this. I could go to my faucet right now, I can go to the kitchen sink, I can fill up a water bottle and it’s going to be pennies to the gallon.

Now, I sent my husband to Costco today and one of the things that he bought was a case of water because we’re going on a road trip for spring break and I wanted everybody to be able to grab water easily. Okay, that became dollars to the gallon, right? Now, if I happen to be at a concert or at the airport, that water bottle just got a lot more [00:14:00] expensive.

And if I’m buying something like Evian water or Voss water, now it’s costing about 30 a gallon. We went from pennies to 30. And it’s all water. It is literally all H2O. If water can be sold at wildly different price points, because each of these understands their marketplace, they understand their customer and they understand the problem that they are solving.

So can we. So I want you to think about that. If water can do it, you can do it. All right, there you go. There are my four ways to buy back time in your business. 

I hope you’ve loved this episode and that it has sparked some ideas for you. If you are ready to take this even further, then I [00:15:00] would love for you to reach out and connect with me, whether it is giving you my 10 favorite time saving hacks. I mean, these things add them together and they save me hours every single week.

You can get that absolutely for free or it’s joining my membership and letting me help you in every area of your business to optimize and systemize so that you know you’re doing the right things in the right places at the right time. Come to the website. balancingbusy. com and let me help you take this to the next level.

Otherwise, I’m just going to see you next week and we’re going to have another episode where we are talking about and looking at another area of your life to help you balance the busy so that you can do less but better and have space and time for the things that matter most without ever sacrificing your home, your health or your happiness.

I’ll see you next [00:16:00] week. 



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