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Let’s Simplify Facing Our Fears with Brooke Box (Ep113)

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Welcome to another empowering episode of the Balancing Busy podcast! Today we’re diving into the exhilarating journey of facing our fears and unlocking our potential. With the amazing Brooke Box as our guest, we’ll explore simple, tangible steps to help you become a little more fearless and a lot more empowered. Whether you’re looking to overcome rejection, tackle a new goal, or simply become more courageous, this episode is packed with practical advice just for you.


Visualize Your Goals

When it comes to facing our fears and unlocking our potential, it’s incredibly important to be clear on what you DO want! Brooke shared the importance of visualizing what you want in life and you know I love a good visualization practice, I even have a full episode on it! Brooke used a vision notebook divided into emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial sections to outline her goals.

Each section was filled with specific desires and supportive images and words. This practice made her goals feel tangible and achievable. I love this idea because it transforms the abstract into something you can literally flip through every day, reminding you of where you’re headed. I do it a little bit differently and have my computer screen saver as my vision board and I even have it set up for you to create your own so you can see your vision board on your computer every single day.

The Power of Journaling

Journaling played a huge role in Brooke’s journey with her favorite being a simple daily Gratitude Journal. This simple practice helped her (and can help you) focus on what she was grateful for and what she wanted to achieve. Sometimes we might need a little help getting started when it comes to journaling with prompts or examples. Brooke loved the book “Manifest Now,” for writing to clarify her desires and communicate them to the universe. It’s about telling the universe what you want and believing in the magic of those intentions.

Embrace Rejection and Learn from It

We discussed the inspiring story of Jia Jiang, who sought rejection for 100 days to overcome his fear of it. His journey taught him that people often want to help if given the chance. By purposefully seeking rejection, he learned to embrace it and grew stronger. This concept is so powerful because it teaches us that rejection is not the end, but a stepping stone to resilience and growth.

Daily Steps Toward Your Goals

Brooke highlighted the importance of taking daily steps, no matter how small, toward your goals. Whether it’s a short walk, a few moments of meditation, or writing in a journal, these small actions accumulate over time to create significant progress. It’s all about consistency and the power of tiny, incremental steps.

Find Your Tools and Mentors

Books, podcasts, and other resources were crucial for Brooke. She found mentors like Gabby Bernstein and Mel Robbins through their work, which provided guidance and inspiration. Finding tools and mentors that resonate with you can be a game-changer. They offer valuable insights and support as you navigate your journey.

Act Courageously

We often wait to feel ready before taking action, but Brooke emphasized the importance of acting even when we don’t feel ready. Whether it’s through Mel Robbins’ “5-4-3-2-1” method or adopting a persona for confidence, taking that first step is crucial. Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to act despite it.

Reflect and Celebrate Growth

Reflecting on your progress is essential. Brooke uses a gratitude journal to look back on what went right and what could have been better. This reflection helps you recognize your growth and achievements. It’s important to celebrate how far you’ve come and use those successes as motivation for future challenges.

Supportive Documentation

Having a file or notes documenting your courageous moments can be incredibly powerful. When faced with a new challenge, you can refer back to these moments to remind yourself of your strength and capability. This practice helps combat the brain’s natural tendency to focus on fear and doubt, providing tangible proof of your past successes.

As you listen to this episode, think about your own goals and the fears you want to overcome. Start with small, tangible steps and build from there. Remember, the journey to unlocking your potential is a series of small, courageous acts that add up to something extraordinary. Let’s face our fears together and create the lives we’ve always dreamed of.



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