Some Great 404 Error Pages and Why you shouldn’t skip yours

Okay, let’s start with the obvious. No one likes clicking on a link only to find it broken. And where do they end up? Well, hopefully they end up on a clever and at least punny 404 page that softens the blow and gives them alternative options! And that’s what this post is all about! […]

For years, we’ve been taught to write with personality. “Don’t let your copy read like a instructor’s manual.” And as a group I’d say we’ve gotten that message really well – maybe too well. Can you become so relaxed in your writing style that you actually offend your readers? I’m seeing it happen more and […]

2 Writing Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Brand

#TRUTHBOMB: Your email inbox is a never-ending to-do list that someone else is writing for you. If you don’t set the rules, your inbox will rule you. No more! You’re about to learn the 3 easy-to-implement hacks that will organize your inbox and help you get way more done! And here’s why it matters… According […]

Take Control of your Inbox in 3 Steps

We’ve all done it… You have a plan. You have a purpose. You’re going to get ____________ (insert project here) done, and it’s going to happen today. So, you sit down ready to get to work. But then you decide to check email or check if there are any new updates. You justify this, telling […]

How I’ve Increased My Results & Productivity!

Your client is mad. Which, makes you sad. Now what? The day you have your first unhappy client sucks and it’s not easy to forget. You’ve been moving along, working as hard as you can, and you’re sure that how much you care is obviously written across every part of what you do. How could […]

4 Steps to Save an Unhappy Client Relationship

I’m a growth strategist and a website designer, so everything I do is focused around getting more eye-balls on my clients. But there’s an element to this that is hard to overcome, and that’s my clients’ feelings about creating content. One of my favorite projects that I help clients with is creating killer opt-in attached […]

Why I’m moving all my clients to FloDesk

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a Friday Five. I love creating these because if you and I were sitting on my couch, drinking peppermint tea chatting, I would probably bring all of these things up and some point. They are  few of my current favorite things. You’re going to definitely notice a […]

Friday Five (Organization Edition)

I am so incredibly excited to share my newest website reveal – this one is for the ridiculously awesome, Sarah Foutz. And I’m kind of obsessed! Guys, Sarah’s amazing! She’s a Master Life Coach and she’s phenomenal at what she does!  She’s all about helping women find fulfillment, happiness, peace, purpose – Ummm. Heck, yes! […]

Website Reveal of Sarah Foutz!

As a brand and website designer, my goal is to chameleon myself into my client’s ideal client and then help them design their business branding and web presence in a way that drams dream clients in and leaves them wanting to stay forever. Patterns, fonts… They all play into this, but so does COLOR! Do […]

What The Colors in Your Brand are Saying

My face was buried in my hands as I stood in my bedroom.

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Stats from our Social Media Detox Findings, plus Strategies for Better Habits

Still my most pinned post of all time! Check out my gold, pink, and white office reveal.

My 5 (must try) favorite tricks that increase my results and my productivity!

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