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Logo di’LEMMA!

Remember that big long post about logos and the old one to the new one, yadah. yadah. yadah. (click here to see what I’m talking about). Well it didn’t take long at all and that one lost the shiny newness too. So, I’ve been designing again and I’m trying to really commit this time. I want to brand! Creating all my session contract, thank-you’s, labels, ALL OF IT to coordinate. This time I’m hoping for some feedback.
Here is what I’ve come up with. The first image is (obviously the logos) These are the top 6 from all my creations. I know, they are not even similar. I’ve been all over the place with these. Right off the top I know I won’t use 4 – it’s a little to cute. I really want to pull for seniors and engagement and that just says child/family to much to me. MY TOP choices are #2 & #6.
Here’s my thoughts.
#2: I really like 2’s colors (I did a 2nd mock up using dark grey/blue as the font, instead of brown and I really like it! I should have used it). Also that it fits square, is easy for branding/watermarking and I love the background stamp I came up with. DOWN FALL: I don’t have a paper collection to work with it, going to have to somehow create a similar branding logo in rectangle shape for when I need a second size, like on my website.
#6 I LOVE the coloring!!! These were the original colors I always wanted to use. As you can see from the second img. I have the coordinating papers to create my full package. DON’T LOVE that the logo is not square shaped for when I need a second size. Also not as big of fan of this flourish in compared to #2’s stamp. But don’t feel like the #2 stamp goes with this style.

And there is my dilemma. They aren’t even the same style at all! Thats 1/2 my problem. But I don’t have 1 style. I love the sophisticated look of the mustard greys. I feel like it would transition nicely from newborn, to senior to engagement to someday wedding. But the simplicity of #2 is really great and super easy for making anything and everything coordinate.
Please help me decide!


  1. jennalou says:

    Well you make it hard by doing such a lovely job. Really the only one I don't totally love is #5. Maybe too much with the different colors.

    I love #1 for it sophistication. #2 and #3 are very similar so I can't pick a favorite there, but they are a tie for my favorite. #4 is awesome, but I agree that it would be best for childrens photography. I wasn't sold on #6 from just seeing the logo, but wow does it look good with those papers!

    Sorry that I'm probably no help… you just designed them all too good 😀 I think my final vote would be for 2 or 3. They are so similar it's hard to pick.

  2. Clair says:

    I think you have answered your own question in that #2 is a winner for all the reasons you mentioned.

    When you get into the curly-que embellishments, to me, it makes me expect something somewhat formal. I would look at your photos and decide what your style is and then make sure your logo reflects that. Are the photos playful and casual? Are the refined and formal? Are they funky and edgy? Are they serene and emotive?

    Before you mentioned a bird that you had in your head but wasn't appearing on paper. If that is totally YOU and totally YOUR PHOTOS perhaps you should work on that a bit.

    All of your logos are very nice, I think it just hinges on what reflects your photography and you best. Best of luck!

  3. Charlotte says:

    All I can say is that I am impressed you can create your own logos. Your dilemma is EXACTLY mine! I will jot down ideas, scour the web and look at all the design websites and I just can't figure it out. I am partial to #1 but when you add #6 to all the papers as someone else mentioned, I really like that.

    Good luck with your logo and have you thought about logo adoption for all those you don't choose???

  4. kristen says:

    Its funny but I was immediatly drawn to #4. After reading more though, I agree with your choice of 2 or 6. What about using #2 with the same papers that you have for 6 except make them blue, white and Grey? I think that would look great! Would you mind sharing your tips on how you go about creating logos and papers? I have no clue and would love to know how you do it. Good luck, I dont think you could go wrong with any of them!

  5. Leah at GoforPro says:

    Thanks Ladies! Charlotte – I like the idea of Logo adoption!! Once I get my final figured out, I think I'll just have to do that! Great idea!!

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