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Young, New to Photography and… Thriving!?!!

I’m excited to introduce you to twenty-two year old, Chelsea Steller and her dream-like photography! Chelsea hails form Santa Barbara, California and is one of my many amazing Thriving Photographers™.  

In her own words, Chelsea’s sharing what thriving means for her business and, her life… 
I chose Thrive to live what I love, to carry the dream of having photography adorn my days, while still creating enough space to breathe between sessions, spend time with people that I cherish, and to have a tangible career that doesn’t leave me scraping for pennies at the end of every month.
Being very young in my career, and still a “budding” photographer in so many ways, I had no idea how to frame my business in a way that would be sustainable, lasting, and true to who I am. I knew I had to emerge out of the friends and family photo zone, and begin kicking things into full gear.

Coming across “Thrive” was the best guide I could have asked for.

Leah has woven together all of the steps to take your business where you dream of, and blended them together in such a beautifully coherent way. Her business framework flawlessly depicts the steps that EVERY photographer can draw from.

Leah has absolutely poured her heart out in sharing how to create a profitable, sustainable, career. Her program coupled with an incredible online community of “Thrivers”, has filled my days with so much encouragement and support. Having an online group of professional photographers, who are transparent, willing to answer any question, share their relatable hardships, and take joy in each other’s successes, has been entirely worth every penny. They are an incredible fallback, to grow you, give you continued feedback, and cheer you on, no matter where you are in the program, or how many years you’ve been in business.

To Leah and all the Thriving community, I am so grateful for you all. Leah, thank you so much for paving the way for us!”

I’m Chelsea Steller and I’m a Thriving Photographer!




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