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Increase Your Photography Sales in 3 Steps

It’s Video Friday, and today…  I’m explaining exactly what you can do  (and yes, this is what I did)  to increase your sales.


The thing is, a lot of photographers feel stuck!   They want to bring in more money; they need to bring in more money…   For many of you, your sights may just be set for the initial goal of buying a new lens.  You haven’t even been able to think about setting your sights high enough to think six-figures, be able to finance a dream vacation or fund your retirement.

But you should…   Because it is possible!


I know this because every single week, photographers from my program, The Thriving Photographer™, write to me from all over the world to tell me how their lives are changing because of this program!   How they’re making more money and finding more time than ever before!


This is not just a fairytale…  It’s become their REAL LIFE.  And it can be yours, too! 


Today let’s begin the journey of making it happen with these three steps to increasing your sales!


Products to Swoon For… 

The Pricing Product Guide



Featured Product:

The Pricing Product Guide | Look Book



Love the backdrop?

Me too!

It’s Spangled from Drop it Modern



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Are you ready for more?  I’m determined to prove to as many photographers as will let me that you can have passion, profits and time for a great life.  I create six-figure photographers, and I’d love to teach you, step-by-step, how it’s done.  This is happening for photographers from all over the world who are just like you.  Let me prove just how wildly successful YOU can be!

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  1. Morgan says:

    Awesome video! Loved the end! Is there anything you aren’t good at?

    • Oh plenty… I assure you!! Should I list them? And thanks for the comment on the end. I made my sister watch it and I was like, “ok you need to tell me if it’s endearing or just weird-me”. At first she looked horrified but then when I laughed at myself at the end, she decided it was good. I was crossing my fingers that she was right. 🙂

  2. Norma Mitchell says:

    Is this product guide included in the Thriving Photographer package?

you said:

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