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“Why” Matters More Than “How” When STAYING Balanced (Ep 37)

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We are all about LESS, but BETTER around here. That whole work-life balance thing! We look at systems, automation, strategy… But none of that will matter if you don’t know your REAL reason for balance. Stay with me, I’ll explain…

When we don’t know our “why” we end up FILLING the space we create with MORE. And when we’re not intentional, that “more” just becomes stuff that takes us away from what matter most.

This episode will help:

👉 Anyone who feels overwhelmed with work-life balance
👉 Entrepreneurs get crystal clear on their WHY and their intentions with home and business
👉 The work-from-home mom to come back to what matters most and set systems for success

In this episode:

2:06 Why does balancing the busy even matter?
7:03 Getting clear on WHY in order to maintain work-life balance
10:19 Nothing matters more than the people we love the most
14:17 It’s okay if some things take longer

Why does balancing the busy even matter?

For a long time I was terrified that you either had to choose success at home or success in your business. I kept hearing that work-life balance didn’t exist. Were they right??

I was terrified that I could not have both. But when I figured out how to actually have both, how to actually, really and truly balance things it was life-changing.

So it matters because nothing matters more than the people we love the most. I promise you that we are not going to look back and say, I wish I had posted more.

But we might look back and say, I wish I had let them feel more important, more valuable. I wish that instead of telling them to wait and give me 10 more minutes, that I would’ve told my work to wait!

Think about that. We can always make more money. We cannot make more time and time is the most precious commodity that we have.

And that’s why it matters.

Get clear on why and remind yourself.

If I’m not clear on why I’m doing what I’m doing than I can never KEEP work-life balance because I am going to fill the space I create with the wrong things.

But when we know our why and we are clear about what matters most, and why we’re doing what we’re doing, we can balance the busy and feel successful and fulfilled both at home and in our business.

The key is that it’s not a one-and-done thing. We get distracted by the deadlines, by the hustle, by all the shiny things that you really do have to reestablish your intention over and over and over, maybe every single day.

For years, there was an alarm that would go off on my phone at about 4:30 in the afternoon. It was the time that I knew I hit my no-go zone. This was when it was really easy for me to slip back into work, but I didn’t want it to be work time. I wanted it to be me being fully present with my kids time.

I set a silent alarm to come up on my phone and I gave it a custom name. This alarm asked me: am I being fully present and intentional right now? And that would bring me back.

I had that go off on my phone every single day for all the elementary school years to remind me to come back to what matters most.

So it’s okay if we need reminding to get back to our why. Our world is filled with distractions, but when we get clear on our why we can then set up the reminders, systems (or triggers) and the strategies… all the beautiful things that help create balance in our lives.

It’s okay if things take longer.

I was looking at my vision board just before recording and thinking about some of the things that I’ve gotten to accomplish and do, and I love those things. But if I could go back and explain anything to past me, it would be that it’s okay if it happens a little slower.

It doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong if it takes a little longer. It might actually be that you’re doing things right.

As we focus on creating work-life balance with what matters most as our north star, we will be so much happier!


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